A Taboo Fantasy - Webcamming With Step-Daddy

YOUNG MARIA IS WEBCAMMING TO EARN MONEY FOR SCHOOL. SHE GETS AN OFFER FOR $500 FROM A CUSTOMER TO WATCH HER HAVE SEX WITH SOMEBODY. THE ONLY MALE AVAILABLE IS HER STEP-DAD...AND MARIA TALKS HIM INTO IT!!! Young Maria is in her bedroom Webcamming. She does this periodically to earn money for School. She has a customer who is paying her to play with her little boobies....and her smooth, young Pussy. Then, Maria gets an interesting offer. This Customer tells Maria that he will pay her $300 to watch her have sex!!! Maria really needs the money...but she explains to the customer that she doesn't have a boyfriend....and there is nobody available for her to have sex with. Nobody....except.......her Step-Dad...who is downstairs. This makes the Customer VERY interested. He offers Maria a whopping $500 if she'll have sex with her Step-Dad!! Since the offer is so appealing....Maria calls her Step-Dad in to run the "unusual" idea past him. He, of course, is stunned by her inappropriate inquiry.....but lucky for Maria a) Step-Daddy secretly always wanted Maria to sit on his face....and b) his truck is in need of repair....so if Maria will split the pay with him....and agree to sit on his face during the session....he'll do it!!! They both agree, before they start that Mom can NEVER know about this interaction....and then Maria sets up the Laptop, so the Customer can see....and Maria and her Step-Daddy screw each other's brains out....starting, of course with Maria Face-Sitting her Step-Daddy so he can finally taste the sweet nectar of her delicious young Pussy.


December 8, 2023