A Very Dirty Step-Mommy

You find your Step-Mommie in her bedroom making the bed. She's wearing a short skirt and heels, and when she bends over you can see her fullback white panties. Is she aware that she's flashing you, her own step-son or not? I notice you watching and continue to flash, crawling up on the bed, giving you a good view. Step-Daddy's still away and suddenly Step-Mommie is very hot and tired from tidying up. I sit back on the bed and spread my legs to get some air, also pulling down my top. Step-Mommie is so sore from this hard work, step-son do you think you could give Step-Mommie a massage like you used to? You're such a sweet boy! Start with Step-Mommie's feet, they're so tired from being in heels. Mmm that feels good... Step-Mommie loves that. My foot brushes your crotch, my what a big strong man you've turned into! Don't worry step-son, it's perfectly normal to experience arousal like this. Some Mommies even have sex with their sons, did you know that? It isn't wrong. Love between two people is always right. Soon I flip over and encourage you to rub my legs, higher, higher, even rubbing my ass. Soon these panties get uncomfortable and I tell you to pull them down. Step-Mommie is getting very hot down there...soon I can't help myself and I touch my pussy and bring out my breasts, and grab your cock to give you a POV handjob. I talk dirty to my boy and then pull up my panties after I make you come. Suddenly Step-Daddy walks in (not shown) and I pretend I was just giving you a hug. But he has to go off again..so we can finish what we started. I bend over doggystyle and tell you that now you can return the favor and make Step-Mommie come.


December 16, 2023