Abused by my older sister

2 months ago

⁣My stupid little brother is such a nerd! Always with his video games, never going out, never having any friends! As for girls... out of the question! He cant get near a girl without sweating, let alone talk to one! He's pathetic.. So I decided to teach him. I waited until we were alone in the house and went to his room. He was playing some stupid game, as usual, but I soon took care of that! I started to make fun of him, flashed him my big tits and pink cunt to get him a little bit uncomfortable, and then, when he was confused and ready, I just pulled his pants down and put his big cock into my tiny mouth! You should have seen the look on his face, it was priceless! What followed was expected... I taught him how to fuck me, how to make me cum and how to be a good boy hehe. But don't worry, I made him cum hard on my tits as a reward, in the end. He really needs some seriouseducation like this...