After Workout With Stepmom


Reagan's wealthy husband keeps her satisfied in every-way but one. Luckily for her, she has a studly, young step son she can use to scratch that last itch. When her son comes home from the gym, removes his shirt, and asks her to take a look at his injured thigh, she assumes he is finally making a move. He suddenly becomes shy when she reciprocates his interest by grabbing his crotch. She backs away and he pursues. Reagan takes the lead and starts stroking her son's cock through his gym shorts while he grips his high chair, blown away by what is happening. She then pulls him onto an adjacent couch and has him suck on her heaving breasts and finger her wet pussy. She then pulls his cock into her and has the young man get a second workout pounding her as hard and fast as he can.

November 3, 2023