Alone With Step-Daddy

ONE OF THESE SISTERS HAS BEEN BAD.... STEP-DAD DISCOVERS IT'S APRIL..... AND SHE MUST SPEND ALONE TIME WITH STEP-DAD... GETTING FUCKED HARDER THAN SHE EVER IMAGINED!!! One of these two Sisters is guilty of having cigarettes in the house...and Step-Dad is about to find out which one!!! After a thorough grilling....Step-Dad discovers that April is the guilty he dismisses Stevie to her room....and tells April that she is going to spend some Alone Time with Step-Daddy....and receive the "extreme" punishment!!! The punishment starts with a hard over the knee spanking of April's round bottom....and then progresses to Step-Daddy shoving his cock in April's mouth. "If you're going to put cigarettes in your mouth....expect Step-Daddy's cock in your mouth!!" he says. Then Step-Daddy shoves his cock in April's tight, young pussy, and gives her the hardest fucking she could ever imagine!!! April screams out in agony....telling Step-Daddy that he is hurting her....but Step-Dad continues until he soaks April in semen!!


November 25, 2023