Anal With My Step-Brother

Oh my god Step-Brother, you will never guess what just happened... I'm gonna be in SO MUCH TROUBLE when Step-Dad gets home!!! I borrowed his car without asking and some idiot has just bumped into me and put a HUGE scratch in it. He's gonna be so so mad at me. I bet if you had done it, he wouldn't even care... he never gets mad with you! You've got a solution? What is it?? I'll do ANYTHING! Oh my god, no, there is no way that I will do THAT. You're my Step-Brother... you can't possibly fuck my butt!? But I really don't want Step-Dad to find out, so how about if I strip naked and you can do the same? Wow Step-Brother, I didn't realise what a big cock you have. I haven't seen one that good in a long time!! Well, maybe it wouldn't hurt if I just wanted you a little bit... oh but I really want to put you in my mouth. Well maybe if you don't tell anyone about this..... Ok, so now I'm too horny... what was that about you wanting to fuck my butt? Promise you won't tell ANYONE about this though?!


December 9, 2023