Before I Get You a New Daddy

⁣MOTHER IS GETTING READY FOR HER DATE. HOPEFULLY SHE WILL FIND YOU A NEW DADDY THIS TIME.... But she should never leave the house sexually frustrated. This could lead to improper decisions, and we wouldn't want that! After all, Mother needs to make a good impression on any would -be future daddies! So as you watch her, she it getting ready, then decides to take care of that pent up frustration. But she notices you in sneaking a look from the door way, and to your surprise invites you in! Is just a quick session of self love going to satisfy Mother, or is she going to need more? And if you are right there, do you think she will ask you?! WARNING-- THIS IS A VERY TABOO STORYLINE FOR MY FAMILY FANTASY FANS. IF YOU ARE NOT FOND OF THE FAMILY FANTASY MOMMY TALK AND ROLE-PLAYING, PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS CLIP, IIT IS NOT FOR YOU. But if you want lots of filth Mommy - Son talk and taboo roleplaying, this video is for you. THIS VIDEO IS SHOT P.O.V.

October 16, 2023