Begging For Daddy's Cum

Cory has gone baby crazy and she thinks Bella would be a good name for a daughter. Her husband just rolls over saying they already have a daughter. “I've got these big titties, don't you want to suck on them?” Cory teases. “I'm going to get a beer” he says and leaves before she gets what she wants. “If anyone is going to get a baby it's going to be me” Michele says, peeping through her parents door. “You're going to fuck me and put a baby in me not mom, fuck that bitch” Michele says cornering her dad in the living room. Her hot young body drops to the floor and she puts her dad's big cock into her warm wet mouth. She can feel her pussy ache with the need for her daddy's cum. The big cock opens her up and rams her from behind, her tits bouncing to the beat of her dad's powerful thrusts. Michele breaks under her daddy's grip and cums as her pussy is filled. As The cum drips out of her Michele is certain that got her pregnant. A few days later and Michele's pregnancy test comes back negative. She's not going to stop until she gets what she wants. Cory has been working out and getting her body as hot as she fucking can. There's no way her husband can resist her now. Putting on some tight fuck me clothes she stands over him while he's on his phone. She takes off her top and presses her tits into his face but he still ignores her. "Why don't you just suck my dick" He says angrily. With a smile Cory goes to work. She's going to suck his dick so hard that he will have no choice but to fuck her and give her a baby. As she bobs up and down on his cock her daughter Michele walks into the room in her bra and panties. "What's she doing here?" Cory gasps. He just shoves her head back down on his cock as he plays with his daughter's tits. "He's going to get me pregnant mommy" Michele moans as Cory is pushed away and his hot daughter bounces on his dick. Cory can only watch in horror as she's cucked by her own slutty daughter. "Watch!" Michele demands as her pussy is filled with her daddy's cum. Throwing some cum into her mother's face Michele just laughs. “Stupid bitch" Michele giggles. Not being able to rest that night Cory goes into her daughter's room to confront her. "You need to stop fucking your father!" She demands. "You're just jealous" Michele screams. They begin to fight as dad walks into the room. "You two stop being little bitches" He says, telling them to pleasure each other for him to watch. "What!" Cory yells. She has to win back her marriage and husband from that slutty little daughter of hers. With a look of disgust Cory strips off her clothes and shows her husband that she can be a slut too. She watches Michele suck her husband's cock as she licks her young wet pussy. Feeling so used and betrayed Cory is humiliated, her husband's dick only fucking her daughter and making her taste the shame of being cucked. Michele taunts her as she gets a big cream pie from her daddy. "Come on, put it in your pussy" Michele laughs as Cory takes some leftover cum and fingers herself with it. She's on the edge of tears, completely destroyed. Michele is pregnant! She can feel her body becoming more sensitive as she glows with pregnancy. “That was supposed to be me!” Cory yells at her. As they argue dad walks into the room and plays with Michele's tits. She pushes him away. “Daddy they're sensitive” She tells him. But he keeps going pressing her against the bed. With a sick smile Cory holds her daughter down. “Daddy” She pleads as her clothes are pulled off. Cory taunts her as her husband takes what he wants from her slutty daughter's body. “Take it like you want it” Cory whispers into her ear. “Beg for daddy's cum” Cory demands. Michele sticks out her tongue, her eyes going cross. Her body is so sensitive that she's cumming again and again, unable to stop herself. “feed me” She says half delirious as the big load of cum is poured over her face. “Now swallow it” Cory says in revenge. Michele just wanted to get pregnant, now she'll have to pay the price of that pregnancy everyday.


November 11, 2023