Blackmailing Thieving Step-Mom Into Sex!

Oh man, what a long day at work! I'm so glad to be done for the week, come on in, I'm just kicking off my shoes and relaxing. How is everything with you, step-son? What's on you mind? You look as if you have something to tell me. Oh, um, your listened to my phone conversation with my boss and heard us discussing my bookkeeping? Baby, we were just joking around, I'm not really cooking the books at work, we were just talking about stuff we saw in a movie, that's all. Oh my God, you hacked into my computer?! And you have evidence against me for illegal activity? Why would you do this to me, I only steal money so we can have nicer things. I do it for us, baby. So just forget all about it, sorry you had to find out. Oh please, please don't go to the police! They'll put in my prison for a long time, you don't want step-mommy to go away do you? What can I do to stop you, I'll do want some money? A car? Ok, I know I didn't hear you want me? As in sexually? Your own step-mother? What's wrong with you? You're forcing me to make a choice that disgusts me, I don't want to fuck my own step-son. This is not how I raised you! But I can't go to prison, I won't last a day in that place so...hurry up and get it over with. Just don't expect me to enjoy it.


November 27, 2023