Blackmailing Your Aunt

You've always thought your Aunt Sadie was hot, perhaps it was the appeal that having sexual fantasies about her was wrong; finding her to be somewhat of a forbidden fruit. Though when you find evidence of her cheating on your Uncle, you can't help but feel as though you can use this to your advantage. How much does your Aunt care about her marriage, the financial stability that comes with being with your Uncle? Does she care enough to give you what you've always wanted, what you've had dirty dreams about? Well you're going to find out. You decide to confront your Aunt with the evidence, the text messages, photos of a mystery man pulling up to her house at odd hours when your Uncle's out of town. If she wants to keep her marriage in tact, to keep this information from getting into the eyes, hands, and ears of your Uncle... she'll have to do exactly what you say. How will she react? Will she easily open her mouth and spread her legs to her very own Nephew? You'll have to clip play to find out for yourself.


November 23, 2023