Brother Wake Up

You told me that you would give me a ride to my friends but when i come into your room youre in bed! i turn on your light and i attempt to wake you up but you aren't waking up! i decide to put my tits in your face because i know that would piss you off and wake you up.. but you still dont wake up.. i shake my tits in your face to tease you more but still no waking up... but i feel you starting to get a boner so i know youre faking... i decide to put my ass in your face and shake & pull my panties to the side.. and you start licking my pussy... i then tell you that if you pay for my uber atleast i will fuck you... i get on top and ride missionary & then i tell you to get on top, you get right up so i mention that i know you were faking and now you have to drive me after! i let you fuck me & then i eat my pussy more before i let you cum in my mouth! enjoy


December 5, 2023