Cali Is On Her Way To A Women's Liberation Rally

SHE IS GOING TOPLESS....TO PROTEST THE FACT THAT MEN CAN DO IT...BUT WOMEN CAN'T HER SPECTACULAR TITS PROVE TO BE TOO MUCH FOR HER OWN DAD TO RESIST... AND SHE GETS THE STUFFING FUCKED OUT OF HER BEFORE SHE EVEN LEAVES THE HOUSE!!! Cali is on her way to attend a Rally for Women's Liberation!!She and her girlfriends are going topless to the protest the fact that men can walk around in public with no shirt on....but Women can't. She goes into the Living Room to ask her Dad for some spray she can make a sign to bring to the Rally....and Dad's eyes absolutely pop out of his head when he sees Cali standing there with no shirt on!! Cali doesn't understand what the problem is with being topless.....her Dad describes it as "distracting". Cali gets closer to her Dad and puts her pert young breasts right up to his face and asks him if he finds his own Daughter's boobs "distracting"....and Dad immediately (and honestly) answers affirmatively. Dad even asks if it would be ok for him to touch them...then he asks to lick them....and before you know it....Cali's spectacular Tits have Dad all worked up!! Dad asks Cali if she would suck his cock for him. Cali reminds him that she is his Daughter....but since he seems so aroused...Cali has pity....and agrees to put his penis in her mouth. After she sucks his cock to full attention...Dad asks to return the favour....and pulls off Cali's tight blue jean shorts, and licks her delicious young Cunt. Then Daddy inserts his erect penis into Cali's now dripping wet pussy....and Fucks her in every position imaginable until he unloads his semen into Cali's mouth!! "That why Women should NOT walk around with no shirt on!!" Dad says.


November 27, 2023