Calling uncle to do repairs

2 months ago

⁣Kelly was home alone finishing homework when her Laptop began to act up...She could not turn the computer and after multiple attempts she called the one thing she knew she could turn on....Uncle Luke...10 minutes later Uncle Luke walked into the room and offered his Computer Skills to repair Kelly's computer...There was nothing really wrong with the laptop, Kelly only wanted to be alone with her favorite Uncle...Kelly began the seduction of Luke but this was not the first time she was all alone with him...She asked him to move to the couch as she stripped off her PJ's...The lube was lovingly applied to Luke's cock as Kelly rubbed her tiny toes up and down...Luke is now fully aroused and Kelly begins to rub that much more vigorously...Uncle Luke rewards his now most favorite niece with a cum bath on her soles...Next time Kelly will come up with a more elaborate plan to trick her Uncle to come over...