Caught Fapping

Alex Jett is too busy jerking off to a steamy video on his computer to notice his step-mom, Texas Patti, approaching with a laundry basket. When she opens the bedroom door and accidentally catches him masturbating, Alex is embarrassed beyond belief! As if he wasn't already a big enough loser... Texas is concerned about her step-son and asks why he's being so hard on himself -- everyone masturbates! But Alex admits that he's just frustrated because the girls in the videos are way more excited for sex than any of the girls he's actually been with. Is he doing something wrong?? Texas is empathetic as she insists that what he sees in videos isn't realistic. If he wants, though, she can give him some pointers to help him out. Although Alex is a bit nervous at first, he doesn't want to be forever alone, so he accepts her help. Texas starts by showing the young man how to kiss, followed by how to suck a woman's breasts and eat out her pussy. After a quick blowjob, she straddles him and slides down onto his cock for a little ride. Texas is determined to show Alex the ropes to not only help her son but his future girlfriends, too!


November 9, 2023