Caught Jerking Off To Step Mom's Social Media Account

I was looking at my step mom's social media account, when she walks up to me and asks me a question. "Would you like to have some fun with me before I go off to work?" she asks. I nod my head, 'yes!' She strips out of her blouse and skirt, and she stands in front of me in her bra and panties. She throws her bra on to the ground, and then pulls my pants off. "Look at that cock! It's so much bigger than your father's!" she exclaims. She starts to kiss my cock up and down, and then she puts the whole thing in her mouth. She stands up in front of me and she pulls her panties down to the ground. She reminds me that I'm not allowed to tell anyone about this, especially not my father. She sits on top of my cock and she rides me in the cowgirl position. She bounces up and down on my cock, and she tells me that she wants to keep doing this more often with me! She flips around and she keeps riding my cock in the reverse cowgirl position, until I cum inside of her pussy! Then she licks my cock up and down, to clean me off. "I have to go get ready for work, but I'll be coming home to YOU later!" she tells me.


November 23, 2023