Caught Online By Daddy

1 month ago

"So what's a young, pretty girl to do for some money these days? I sure can't steal it from my step-dad... he's gotten a lot more vigilant these days. The answer is obvious, at least to me, hehe! Porn and videochat and all the naughty things! I just love showing my hot body to everyone... it get's me so wet! So I started doing just that, but my dear daddy interfered again... so I had to suck his dick, again. Just to shut him up, mind you, not because I fucking love it... hehe. I was minding my own business, in a chat-room, trying to get some people to go private with me, when my dad barged in on me as usual! At first he threw a fit, threatened to tel my mom, blah-blah, all the usual lines. But when he realised he had me cornered again, he just couldn't help himself. I had his big hard cock in my mouth before I knew what was happening! Mmmm, my step-dad's cock is sooo fine! I'd suck on it forever! He fucked my mouth, he fucked my pussy, doggystyle, then he fucked my mouth again! I tried to act revolted, I tried to say I don't want his cock inside me! I swear I really did! But I just couldn't help myself and I came so hard... And his warm cum in my tiny mouth was the best reward of all! I loved it and I hope you will too guys. Have fun!"