Close Knit Family

Step-Dad wakes up to slurping sounds. He checks beside him to his wife, who is still resting. He looks down to find Alora sucking his cock. She says “good morning step-daddy” and continue to suck on his cock. Dad looks at the time and tells Alora that step-mom needs to get up, and she should help her wake up. Alora smiles, take the blanket off step-mom (who is topless), and starts to grope her tits. She then starts to suck on her nipples and move her way down. Mom wakes up, looks around, smiles and says “You guys are at it again...” Mom kisses Alora and tells her step-mom and step-dad has to go and she has to get read, and guides Alora back on to step-dad's cock. Mom goes off to the bathroom to get ready, telling her step-dad not to take too long, or he'll be late. Dad acknowledges her comment. They fuck in various positions, dirty talking to each other until step-dad explodes in Alora's mouth. She swallows, sucks step-dad's cock clean, smiles and happily walks out of the room. Dad walks into the bathroom, find step-mom, starts groping her and states that his still horny Dad walks in to the home. Alora runs up to him and welcomes him home. She takes his laptop bag, puts it aside and immediately takes out his cock and sucks on it. Mom appear a little later on, having heard the front door close. In a nonchalant manner, while Alora is sucking step-dad's cock, step-mom comes over and kisses step-dad, welcoming him home and walks off. After a bit of sucking, Alora gets up, takes her panties off, hikes her skirt and tells step-daddy she needs a good pounding. Dad agrees and starts to fuck her right there and then. Alora tells her that step-mom is great and all, but step-dad satisfies her needs the best. They fuck and dirty talk to each other, changing positions along the way to the living room. Dad explodes in Alora's mouth, and she swallows. She says she wants more and continues to suck on step-dad's cock, trying to have another go at it. Dad laughs, pulls away and tells her she needs to finish up that assignment of hers. He tells her they'll get back to it when they're done, and slap her lightly on the ass to get her moving. Various scenes of Step-Dad and Step-Daughter fucking and sucking around the house in step-mom's presence. 1 – We see Alora getting fucked over the breakfast table by step-dad. Mom is right beside them in the kitchen. They talk about how she maybe late to pick her up today due to a meeting. Mom asks step-dad if he has time to pick her up, and he tells both of them he doesn't know but will text Alora if he can. -fade out- 2 – We see Alora getting fucked over the car, in the garage still mostly clothed. Dad just drove her back. -fade out- 3 – We see Alora sucking step-dad's cock in the Kitchen. Mom passes by with the laundry bin and tells them to clean up after themselves this time They continue to fuck in the hallway, in various positions and dirty talk to each other, until step-dad cums in her mouth again. Alora is in her room, and hears something so she goes to check up on it. She follows the noise to her parent's room. She then slowly and quietly opens the door to peak in. She see's step-dad and step-mom fucking and making out with each other passionately She experiences a torrent of jealousy, so she push the door open and storms off. Step-Dad and step-mom are surprised and dumbfounded by the action. It also completely ruins their mood. Step-Dad says he'll talk to her, puts on his boxers and goes to her room. Alora is in her room in bed, under the covers, pouting. Step-Dad asks her what's wrong, and she tells him why he did it without her. He asks “what”, and she replies back “sex”. Step-Dad laughs and says because parents have sex. Alora tells him she thought it was implied that she would be included from now on, ever since they first had sex. Step-Dad laughs and tells her nothing like that was implied. Alora approaches step-dad, and rubbing against him, and asks him to promise her then, that she'll always be included if step-dad has sex with step-mom. Step-Dad nervously laughs and says he doesn't think that's doable. Alora mischievously looks at step-dad, takes out his cock and tells him “we'll see about that” She gives him a bj, dirty talking to him in between sucks. She continues to ask him to promise her, but he continues to hold out. She lies down on the bed and asks her step-dad to take her pussy. He starts to fuck her. They fuck in various positions, Alora happily dirty talking to her step-dad. She begs her step-dad to cum for his little girl, all the while continuing to beg him to promise her. In the heat of the moment, step-dad agrees to the promise and blows his load all over Alora's face. She continues to suck step-dad's cock clean, smiles and says thank you. She reminds him of the promise as she walks out to clean her self.


November 23, 2023