Confronting My Step-Daddy

I opened up my step-daddy's laptop and when I turned it on there was a porn video playing. This isn't the first time that this happens and I have to admit that every-time it happens I usually watch the entire video. It's time to confront him about his porn videos. I was a little embarrassed at first but it's time my step-daddy knows that I know that he watches these videos. Oh and there is one more thing that I need to tell him as well, I really enjoy watching the porn videos because it looks like the girls in the pornos have a lot of fun doing it. I saw this girl that had a big ass like me sucking off a guys big dick and then he shot a big load of cum all over her face. It was my first time seeing that and it really turned me on. I told step-daddy that if he wanted me to keep this a secret he must show me a thing or two. I told my step-daddy that I wanted him to teach me how take a dick in my mouth like the girls in the pornos. He took his big dick out and put it inside of his little girls mouth. I hope I was sucking daddys dick right because this is how I will suck off the future boys that ask me to. I must have done a really good job because my step-daddy exploded all over my pretty face and guess what? IT WAS FUNNER than it LOOKED IN THE VIDEO!!! I can't wait to this again with my step-daddy, maybe next time he will creampie me like they do in the videos.


March 2, 2024