Conor Has Taboo Threeway With Girlfriend & Her Mom

Conor is sitting on the couch with Shelby Paris, making out. Shelby's Mom, Payton Hall, comes in and sits next to Conor and puts her hand on his leg. Payton asks what Conor and Shelby are up to...and they tell her Mom they are just watching Netflix and chilling. Payton wants to hangout with them, and they agree after a little hesitation. Payton and Shelby start rubbing Conor's legs, and keep moving up to his crotch. "Who does it better?" They tell Conor to stand up, and take off his pants. Shelby and Payton share his cock, sucking and licking all over it...asking who is better at pleasing him. They strip off their shirts, and Conor and Payton suck on Shelby's nipples. Payton bends over the couch as Shelby and Conor kiss her ass. Conor lays on the floor, and the girls take turns sucking him and sitting on his face. Shelby eats her Mom's pussy while Conor fucks her from behind. Payton bends over the couch and eats Shelby's pussy as Conor fucks Payton from behind. Conor takes turns fucking each of them until he cums over both of them.


November 30, 2023