Controlling His Nosey Bitch SisterInLaw

Nate comes home and expects to be greeted by his wife Tina but instead finds his SisterInLaw Gina, much to his disappointment. Nate and Gina don't get along and she's never forgiven him for marrying Tina and getting her to move away with him to his small hometown. Gina insists that she doesn't need an excuse to visit Tina but secretly she's hoping to snoop around and dig up some dirt on Nate to try to influence Tina to leave him. Later that day, Gina goes snooping in the bedroom and finds an old box full of letters and strange writings including a lot of correspondence with someone named 'Agnes'. Gina is sure she's found something incriminating but she's not sure what yet when Nate walks in and catches her in the act. He's obviously upset at her snooping through his private things but when she confronts him with questions about his relationship with 'Agnes' he calmly explains that he knew Agnes many years ago and that she taught him many powerful things. He takes a ring out of the box and slips it on his finger as he continues to tell her that he's put away the memories of Agnes in this box because some of the things she taught him could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Gina is confused and thinks he's crazy and her confusion only grows when he tells her that she might understand better if she took off her clothes. He waves his finger on the ring hand and a flash of magical sparkling light fills the room. Gina laughs at him and insists that there's no way she would take off her clothes before realizing that she's actually pulling off her dress as she speaks. As Nate wields magical control over her she can't help but do what he says no matter how hard she tries to resist. When she's completely naked he has her do a sexy dance and shake her ass for him, much to her humiliation. He tells her how hard she's making his cock with her sexy striptease and then has her pull it out of his pants and put it in her mouth. Gina tries her hardest to ignore his commands but it's to no avail as she puts his cock in her mouth and starts sucking him off, to her disgust. Once she's gotten his cock nice and wet he has her climb aboard and fuck him cowgirl style. As she bounces on his cock she's embarrassed that it actually makes her cum and when he flips her around and fucks her doggystyle she comes again before he finally orders her on her knees and cums in her mouth. As she reluctantly swallows his jizz she warns him that she is going to tell Tina what he's done as soon as she not under his spell but he has one last magic trick up his sleeve performing a spell on her to make her forget the whole thing as soon as he's left. Nate leaves the room and Gina gets up to find her phone and call Tina but as soon as she finds it she can't remember why she was looking for it and is shocked and appalled to find that she's naked and covered in cum with no idea of where it came from.


December 21, 2023