Cousin really likes his pregnant niece

⁣Dear Diary, Last night was ladies night at a local club so I went out with a few girlfriend's of mine as the DD. Well diary I ended up dancing with this really handsome boy who really likes pregnant girls! We ended up going back to my house once the club closed and fooling around a bit. Of course my hormones were raging from being pregnant so we started having sex. OH MY GOD it was probably the best sex I ever had! Good thing I cant get pregnant while being pregnant because he loved fucking me so much he came deep inside me! Everything was awesome until he looked up on the wall and noticed a family photo of my dad and I. He asked how I knew the man with his arm around me and when I told him thats my dad he freaked out saying that was his uncle! Diary I seriously cant believe that I fucked my cousin! Is it wrong it wrong I really want to do again? XOXO, Sierra

October 16, 2023