Cuddle Me Like Mom Did

1 month ago
It's just you and me dad after mom left us. Tonight has been especially hard and I can't rest. I come into the room and lay down on the bed in her old spot. Everything is still the way it was when she was still here. I reminisce about the way she cuddled me and did my hair. Say dad? Can you cuddle me like she used to? That's nice.... Mommy used to do her hair just like mine is right now. I know she used to do it like this when you both first started dating. Hey daddy? What's that? Something is poking me in the back. Is it what I think it is? Is it because I look like mom? That's funny.... I can't have it poking me all night though. Say, I know a way to make it go away. You may have to coach me your dear daughter is still pure and innocent. Can you believe your daughter is actually sucking and fucking your cock?