Daddy handcuffs his daughter

⁣My daughter has been dropping hints to me all week long.. Not subtle hints either. I've gotten to know her "fuck me eyes" all too well. Every corner I turn, she seems to be there looking up at me with her big brown eyes.. I can't even take a shower without her trying to come in! I don't know what has gotten into my daughter, but she is about to cross a very taboo line. Can you please fix my shower daddy?! I will, but let me dry off and get dressed first Let me jump in the shower with you! No, you shouldn't do that sweetie! Why not? You've already got the water on -My daughter drops her towel to the floor, showing her smooth bare body- Don't do that! Come on baby, cover yourself up! I push my daughter out of my bathroom, and rush to get dressed. There has to be a way to end this innapropriate behaviour.. A few days later, I decided to relieve some tension since I had the house to myself... Or so I thought. Right when I was about to get off, my daughter was knocking on my door! She walks in dressed as a police officer and asks me to handcuff her.. I'd be lying if I said this didn't turn me on.. But she nailed it. My sweet little girl looked so sexy in those black heels and hot cop uniform! She began teasing her clothes off when I came back to reality Wait we can't do this Please daddy? I promise I won't tell anyone Your mother could get home any minute! Come on dad, this is all I've been wanting She grabs me and starts to stroke my throbbing cock. I really tried fighting the urge, but I couldn't control my needs! I mount my daughter and shove myself deep into her tight little pussy!! I know I won't last long, so I try to enjoy every thrust of my cock. Feeling her pulsating pussy get tighter the deeper I push myself into her! Watch my daughter show off her moves and grind on my cock! With her ass bent high up in the air, she takes every inch of my big dick rocking her ass back and forth. Finally she sucks my cock till I bust inside her pretty mouth. She spits out my thick cum and licks it back up like the good girl that she is!

October 16, 2023