Dare You Not To Cum

My mom is sitting on the red, leather couch in the living room, when she calls me in to the room. "Sweetie! Can you get me some more wine?!" she asks me. I pour her another glass of red wine and I am eager to get back to playing my video games. "You should take a break from your video games and play a game with mommy instead!" she tells me. "I dare you to cum anywhere except for mommy's pussy!" she tells me. "That's not that easy, mom!" I tell her. However, I decide to accept the challenge! "Can we try it differently today and try it from behind?" I ask her. She kisses and licks my cock before she gets in to the doggy style position for me to fuck her pussy from behind. She starts to moan and she tells me that she's going to cum all over my cock. "Let's play at least 2 games per day!" she begs me, while I fuck her. Then she lies down on her back so I can fuck her in the missionary position next. She starts to suck on her fingers while I fuck her. When I get close to cumming, I pull my cock out of her pussy and I cum all over her face and in her mouth! "I'm going to take a picture of this and send it to your father!" she giggles. My cum drips down her face, all over her big tits and down to her bush...


November 7, 2023