Daughter confesses a very naughty fantasy

⁣Tammie Madison is you sweet little girl. She is your princess, your world, your everything. You would move heaven and earth to make her happy. She is growing up, becoming more self-aware of her desires, her wants and needs. She has a confession to make, Tammie has developed a very naughty fantasy. Tammie wants a gangbang. Daddy, will you take me to your special club? I know all about it. You think it is a secret, but I know where you go and what you do. I want to join you. I want to meet your friends. I want you to parade me around the club, showing me off to all the men who frequent it. Daddy, I want you to give me to them. I want you to give them permission to use me. I want you to tell them that my holes are theirs to use for their pleasure. I want them to make me a naughty little fuck toy. Daddy, will you pass me around to all the men? Can I present each of my holes to them and invite them to take turns filling them? Daddy, what if there are more men then I have holes? Will I have to wait patiently until each of them have finished? Maybe I could take 5 at once? One in each hole and one in each hand. Daddy, I would look in to your eyes as your friends fill me up and make me squirm. Daddy, I want you to be proud of me. I want you to be proud of your dirty little fuck slut daughter.

October 16, 2023