Daughter get’s daddy as customer in massage parlor

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I am a high maintenance sort of girl. I crave Louis Vuitton heels and Giuseppe handbags, my daddy’s allowance isn’t enough to afford me all the luxuries that I crave. I ended up taking a job at the Tokyo Massage Spa, it’s “that sort of place,” where men go to really ‘unload.’ lol! I have a new client today! I am very excited. I walk in and I see my Daddy laying on the table! Oh no! I must do ‘hand release’ on my daddy?! My manager is super pissed off at me because I refused a fat man earlier, now I really need to please my daddy. He is shocked at first. I calm him down. I explain that his allowance wasn’t enough, and all I do is just “hand stuff” anyway. I tell him that I need to