Daughter going to be asylum sex slave

⁣Sage told her stepdad she was pregnant after their encounter and he told her he would figure something out. He sent her to her room and called one of his Dr friends at a local asylum. The 2 of them devised a plan and soon young Sage was committed. Sage finds herself in a white room wearing nothing but a strait jacket and begins crying for help. The orderly comes in and Sage gets a rude awakening. The orderly grabs her roughly by the throat and informs her she is going to be an asylum sex slave until well after the baby is born. He grabs her hair and slaps her in the face with his cock telling her things will go easier if she does what he says. Sage hesitantly takes is cock in her mouth and as soon as she does he begins fucking her mouth hard. Despite the desperate situation Sage begins to get turned on by the treatment and that catches the orderlies attention. He pulls off his pants and starts fucking her wet pussy making her moan in between pleas. He flips her on her stomach and fucks her from behind for awhile then flips her back over. Pinning her leg high he fucks her even harder until she squirts all over him in a massive orgasm. He then pounds her hard and fills her with his seed. Her next treatment has her bound to the bed, naked and spread. The orderly uses a hitachi to make her squirt while firmly gripping her throat then fucks her mouth a bit. After facefucking her he gets on top and fucks her hard for a bit until she squirts again. After she cums he blows his load deep in her pussy and on her belly too. 6 months later we find Sage is strapped in for regular treatments even though she is already pregnant. Bound to the bed Sage still tries to convince them she isn't crazy and will never tell anyone but its no use. The orderly comes in to administer yet another treatment and Sage has no choice but to accept. What will happen after she gives birth?

October 16, 2023