Don't Enter Without Knocking

Mom is in bed slowly touching herself, spreading her legs and rubbing her pussy. "Hey mom, what are you..." Her son says walking into the room. They both freak out, mom covering herself yelling why he just walked into her room without knocking. "We will talk about this later" Mom says and catches her breath after he leaves. The next day her son comes to talk to her about what happened. "I just wanted to say I think that was kind of hot" He tells her. "You shouldn't think about stuff like that" she tells him that she's his mom. He asks her for a quick kiss and leans in kissing her hard when she goes to kiss him. Mom pulls back "that was enough" she says clearly freaked out. They both go to their rooms, uncomfortable. Later that day mom and son cross paths again. "I was thinking about what happened earlier, and I was thinking we could kiss again" Mom says hesitant and with knots in her stomach. Reluctantly the son agrees and they kiss, the kiss becomes passionate as they lose themselves in each other. His hand slowly reaches up to her breast and she pushes away from him "I said just kissing!" she yells at him. Embarrassed he runs back to his room. They have both been thinking of that kiss all night. Both mom and son can't rest so they sneak out of their rooms and go to the living room. "I don't know if I want to do this or not" Mom says and they slowly kiss. She rubs her hand on his crotch feeling his cock get hard. His hands hungrily feel for his mom's pussy and she softly moans. "Your so hard" she says jerking her son. She can't believe she's doing this but soon finds her son's penis in her mouth. She sucks him with all the passion and naughtiness of what she is doing. She knows she should not want this but can't help herself. Suddenly she stops "What am I doing, your my son. I can't do this to you" she says and leaves upset with herself. Her son is in his room awkwardly jerking his cock at thoughts of his mom's warm mouth when his door creaks open. He grabs his shorts and covers himself quickly as his mom walks into the room "What are you doing" She asks knowing full well what's going on. "Do you need me to show you how to masturbate?" Mom says lovingly. She starts to instruct him lubing up his cock and slowly stroking him. She wants to see if he can do it on his own and watches as he jerks himself. This is ok she tells herself, I'm just teaching my son about his body. As he strokes himself mom leans back and spreads her legs, telling herself it's ok to rub her pussy as long as he's not touching her. She loses herself while watching him and crouches over top of him, sliding his penis inside her. She fucks on top of him, moaning as he feels her tits and makes her feel so good. As she fucks the little voice inside her head shouts stop stop louder and louder until she says " I can't believe I'm doing this" and stops. "I'm so sorry I.... I'm just going to go" Her son is going away to school and gives his mom a hug before leaving the house. This is her last chance mom thinks and says "I was hoping I can have this before you go" touching his crotch. She strips her son slowly enjoying him. Mom gets to her knees and jerks her son, releasing all her sexual frustration and tension. She sucks and lick him getting him hard in her mouth. Mom tells him to sit down on the couch as she takes off her cloths in front of him, giving him a show of her tight body. She gets on top of him and fucks him again. She has wanted to fuck him every day after that one lapse in her morals and now she has it. She fucks him with reckless abandon bouncing hard on his dick. "That feels so good inside of me" she moans. He fucks her from behind his every dream come true, and as he gets closer he fucks her faster and harder. "Whenever your ready just come inside mom" "Make mom cum, fuck me harder!" she screams as she feels his hot cum shoot inside her. She cums too and they kiss doing what they have wanted to do all summer. School is over and summer is back again. Her son is excited to continue his relationship with his mom. He walks in the door only to find his mom pregnant! "what is that" he yells. She explains that she is pregnant from him. The son is shocked. She tells him that she has been waiting for him to come home and rubs his leg. Pregnancy has made her horny and she needs him. He takes off his pants and lets him mom jerk and suck him. With his cock hard he gets behind his pregnant mom and fucks her from behind. She moans, not having been fucked like this in months. "I want to taste that cum this time" she tells him as he starts to fuck her harder. She gets onto the floor and jerks her sons cock into her open mouth. "That's it baby, give it to me, I want to taste that cum that made me pregnant" she tells him as he cums all over her mouth and face. They're going to be such a happy family!


November 10, 2023