Dosing my sister before a rave

⁣I told you in my last entry that my brother and I were going to a rave but I had no idea what was about to happen. After I showered and dressed we headed over to the rave and there were people everywhere. I danced and partied pretty hard and by the time we got home I was feeling no pain. Apparently I must have taken something new cause when I sat down next to my brother I started getting hot. Not just sweaty hot but turned on too. Next thing I knew I was naked and sucking my brothers cock while he fingered my pussy. I sat on his face in a pretty wild position and he ate me to orgasm. I just had to feel his cock inside me and slid down to straddle it. His cock felt soo good in my wetness I almost came right then. We fucked on the couch for what seemed like hours then heard Daddys keys in the lock. Not wanting to get caught we grabbed our clothes and ran into my room. Both of us were even hotter by the thought of getting caught so we slid into a 69 until we were sure Daddy was asleep. We started fucking again and my brother came inside me quick. Even though I'm not on the pill I still wanted more of his cock so I begged him to keep fucking me. He was obviously pretty hopped up himself since his cock never went down. He fucked me good for quite awhile then blew his next load in my mouth and collapsed on the bed. Even though my pussy was thoroughly fucked I was still horny so I left him laying there and went in search of more hard cock. Somehow I've become a raging nympho, I'm soooo glad my step brother raved me.

October 16, 2023