Drunk and ovulating mommy

2 months ago

⁣I came home from the cougar club all dressed up in my hot yellow club dress. I had a bit too much to drink and I am stumbling all over and the bed is spinning. You help me sit down and take off my high heels. The walls and bed really start spinning out of control. You offer to help me out of my dress and lay me down to see if that helps. You being thinking rather devilish thoughts about taking advantage of me while in this condition. You think I look so hot in that condition and wonder if I will even remember what happened in the morning. You lay me down and begin grinding your hard young cock on my naked body. I get excited and worried at the same time. I feel very wet to you and you become so turned on and worked up that you just slip it in...without a condom! I tell you this is wrong but I can't seem to stop either. I am extra horny because I am ovulating and want you!!! ENJOY!