Dumb Blonde Stepdaughter Gives Step-Dad A Hand

I don't know why I can't figure out my Psychology lessons. The stuff just goes straight over my blonde head. Lucky for me I have a step-dad who happens to be a pretty smart guy. He is a self made wealthy man and hardly has to work any more which means he has lots of time to hang around the house during the day. While my step-mom was out shopping we were home for awhile together one day. I think he could sense my frustration with my homework and came in to sit by me and offer his help. Just having him sit beside me and point a few things out helped me so much. Its like a light bulb went off over my head and I understood what the book was saying, finally. I was so relieved that things were starting to make sense that I felt it was only fair to some how give him some relief as well. I know my boyfriends sure like it when I give them a hand job so I figured a grown man like my step-dad would probably appreciate one. I had no problem getting him to let me remove his pants to get total access to his dick. He made himself comfortable as I got to work on his already growing shaft. I was surprised to see he has such a bog cock. I knew he must have a nice one judging from the moans I hear from my step-mom sometimes late at night. I've always been curious what his dick looks like and now I get to feel it in my own little hands. Even though I knew step-mom would probably be gone quite a while shopping, I still felt some anxiety at what would happen if she walked in the door and found her step-daughter and husband in this predicament. I stroked his shaft with a good solid grip for only minutes before he sighed a heavy relief at his cum escaping from his dick hole. It felt so good to be the one to make my step-dad have this reaction from using my hands. We finished in perfect time cause as soon as he spewed his load I could swear I heard moms car pull in the driveway. Yikes! I guess this lesson is finished. Now to hurry and clean up and most important, pretend like nothing happened while she was gone.


December 16, 2023