Getting things done by blackmailing

⁣I allways find that blackmail is the best tool to use in order to get what you want from people! And I want to fuck my dad... badly! So I stole his phone and found some interesting pictures. Nice pictures of my best friend Stephanie changing her clothes! Bad, bad daddy! You need to be punished for this, hehe. Of course, I confronted him about this and demanded he make things right by fucking me! It's ony fair!... He caved in pretty fast and pulled out his cock for me to suck. I just love sucking my daddy's big dick! He made me deepthroat it for a while then told me to get on the bed, doggy-style, and he fucked my pink pussy untill I came loudly (hope mom didn't hear). Afterwards I made him cum on my big titties just to show that I can be resonable if treated right... In this family the fun never ends, I swear!

October 16, 2023