Giving Brother A Helping Hand

Your sister is pretty hot, and you're the awkward and dorky one. Recently, you've been even more weird and nervous around her. You finally mustered the courage to ask her for some visual help about the female anatomy. "I can't believe you've never seen the female body before! So you need to see me naked?" she asked. She decides to go for it, under the condition that you're gonna do all her homework for tonight. It's a pretty sweet deal considering you're good at doing homework. Your sis slowly removes her clothes and shows you her body parts but leaving her high socks on. Sure enough, you get super horny. How could you not? The she asks you something crazy. "I suppose you've never gotten a hand job from anybody before?" Of course not! As your only sister, she considers it her obligation to help you out. Plus she can't resist making your dick cum for the very first time. "Mum and dad better not find out or else." she says. Before you know it, you already squirted out all of his penis juice.


November 27, 2023