Giving my boys special reward for doing their chores

2 months ago

⁣Michelle and her Family have a certain way of doing things down on the Farm! Her two young Sons, Jimmy & Johnny have chores they need to do every week to keep the Farm going....and rather than pay the boys an "allowance"....which is just not in the Family Budget.....Michelle gives the boys "special rewards" for doing their chores. Today, Jimmy & Johnny are working outside on the Farm.....Johnny is mowing the grass....and Jimmy is doing the trimming. Mom brings both boys a nice, cold glass of water.....and then offers to give them "reward" for their hard work. Mom bends down and starts to Suck both her Son's cocks. The boys stand and enjoy the cock sucking from Mom. Johnny reminds Mom that he also painted the fence that morning....which should entitle him to "extra reward". Mom removes a cock from her mouth long enough to tell Johnny that she agrees with him. Mom tells Jimmy to go ahead and cum in Mom's mouth....after which she will take Johnny to the wood shed for extra reward. Jimmy obediently ejaculates in his Mother's mouth....then Mom takes Johnny by the hand to the wood shed...removes her shorts....and lets young Johnny have a good poke at her!!! Johnny pounds away at his Mother until he unloads all over her!!! Life down on the Farm.......