Good Grades Incentive

While youve been off to school partying and throwing your life away, your step-mom, Mindi Mink received your report card. She knows that you can do better than this if you just apply yourself. She also knows that sometimes you just need the proper motivation. Shes been watching you staring at her big, perfect tits all the time. She knows just how bad you want her, but your step-dad would NOT approve at all. Well, dont tell him about her little secret incentive plan for you. If you get straight As like Mindi knows that you can, she might just let you feel what its like to be with a mature, experienced, real woman. Not one of those college bimbos that makes you take her to dinner, a real woman that will let you express yourself in the bed exactly how you want. Heres a little preview of whats to come if you can get your life back together and focus on your school work like a good boy. Youll get to feel what its like to have those breasts in your mouth, to taste her, to lick her hairy pussy, even get to slide your cock inside her and pleasure your goddess of a step-mom. Dont let her down, shes counting on you to prove yourself.


December 21, 2023