Goodbye Present From Mommy

My baby boy is leaving today for the late summer camp! Well...even if he is a grown young man, I still think of him like my little baby! So I have to make sure, he did packed everything. And how else I can make sure he did, then to check his backpack. And what did I found there?!!! My used panty! My naughty boy!!! ,, Honey could you come please for one sec?! What is it?! Well....yeah, I know those are my panties but what they are doing in your backpack? are so cute!!! You though I'll be mad?! My baby...mommy will miss you as the same way as you!!! You know how much I love you! And to be 10 days without my will be like hell!!! But I don't think this is the proper way how to remember me! Stolen used panty? No my baby...mommy will give your proper good bye present! Something to remember at the night! Come here my son...come here honey! And now....lick and eat mommy's pussy! taste mommy's juice...that taste will stay in your your mind for long enough! Oh are such a good in oral sex...oh yes...mommy love it so much! Now penetrate me! Yes my baby boy...fuck your mom...drill mommy's wet pussy with your such a hard cock! You have been made for this my son!!! You making mom's pussy so full with your dick! Push your cock inside me from behind...oh, oh, oh...yes...just like this!!! Wait, wait...I want to feel your on me...your body on mine...hold my baby's butt when we both have orgasm! Come here baby...mommy is only yours...let's move so, so close to each other...out bodies...and you so DEEP INSIDE mommy's pussy!!! Fuck me...fuck mom my son...until...ready?!!! YEs, yes...let's be together!!! Best way to say good bye!!! Or can mommy give your something else?!


November 10, 2023