Graduation Trip With My Mom

Im graduating high school soon and my parents wanted to take me on a fun trip, they decided to take me to Orlando. when it came time to leave my dad said he had to work and couldn't go so me and my mom did the road trip on our own. when we got to Orlando and checked in to our hotel we realized that there had been a mistake and that we were giving a room with only one bed. i went down to talk to them at the front desk and they said since it was tourist season there was nothing that they could do. mom said it was fine and we could just share a bed, she just wanted me to have fun on my senior trip. i asked if she wanted to go to the pool and she said yes and she would go change. i was waiting on the couch for her when she same out in a hot red bikini and said i need to help her put sun block on, she turned away from me, took her top off and sat down on my lap! i was really hoping she wouldn't feel the boner i had growing in my pants while i was rubbing sub block all over her back and upper butt cheeks. we had fun at the pool and when we got back to the room mom said she was gonna shower first so i didn't use all the hot. when mom walked into the bathroom she left the door open a little, i knew it was wrong to look but i couldn't help myself, mom was just so hot! i crept up the door and watched as mom my strip naked and checked herself out in the mirror, i closed the door when she walked in the shower. mom's hot naked body was all i could think about the rest of the night. when it came time for bed i was laying down while mom was finishing up in the bathroom, she came out wearing a shirt a panties. so my boner came back pretty quick! i drifted off that night trying to figure out what i was gonna do all week with my hot mom and hard cock! The first day of me and my moms trip was great and terrible at the same time. we had fun but my mom was such a tease, and she doesn't even know it. i watched her undress for a shower and OMG that was hot and then when it was time for bed she just wore a t shirt and panties. we had a good day today but since were sharing a bed this whole trip im not gonna be able to do my nightly ritual of jerking right before bed. mom came in like last night in a tank top and panties and we said goodnight and laid down. i tossed and turned but couldn't drift off, finally mom asked what was wrong and i just told her, hesitantly of course. she was shocked at first but said she understood, she said she could just turn the other way and put her head under the pillow. i said sure so we gave that a try, after a couple minutes mom got annoyed and told me i needed to hurry. i told her this wouldn't work and she said i needed to get a good nights rest and maybe she could just help me finish since we have a big day tomorrow. i said ok and then the unthinkable happened, my sexy ass mom grab my cock and started stroking! my mom proceeded to give me the best handjob of my life, it didn't take me long to bust a huge nut and mom said goodnight. this is gonna be a great vacation, i cant wait for bed time tomorrow night! My mom taking me on this graduation trip as been awesome, its been really fun. beside just enjoying ourselves and seeing the sites, me and mom having gotten pretty close sexually. we had to share a bed because the hotel was over booked and then my mom felt bad because i said i was use to going to bed naked and jerking off before i knocked off. so my mom said getting naked was fine at bed time as long as she could be topless and i wasn't weird about it. the best thing that happened was she said i could jerk off too and she wouldn't look, when i couldn't finish on my own she helped me by jerking me off, it was awesome! tonight my mom came in the bed room with nothing but panties on and i was naked, we chatted and i asked my mom if she could help me like last night, she said she didn't mind helping but hated the mess the lube and sperm made. she said she had a better idea and the clean up would be way easier. i didn't know what she meant until she started sucking my cock! my mom sucked my cock in several different positions which was really cool of her, when i told her i was gonna cum she told me to finish in her mount. i cant wait for bed time tomorrow night! After the last couple of nights with mom helping me cum before bedtime, i was getting kinda use to it. going home was really gonna suck since mom wasn't gonna be able to take care of me every night. so i decided that i was gonna make out last night together count. after my mom had been sucking me off for a little while i said i was sorry it was taking so long. i tool her i must have built up some sort of "resistance" to her blowjobs. she asked what we should do, what else we should try. i just straight up asked her for sex and she said if it would help me get some rest then she would do it, this was my senior trip after all! my sexy mom bounced on my cock, then i fucked her missionary style off the bed and finally she let me creampie her doggy style. this was the best vacation ever!


November 11, 2023