Happy Step-Father's Day, Step-Daddy!

Oh... good morning, Step-Daddy! It looks like someone is happy to be awake. What do you mean- What am I doing here? Did you forget what today is? It's Step-Father's Day! Step-Mom just dropped me off. It's your weekend to have me! So, this Step-Father's Day I wanted to do something special! Step-Mom got breakfast in bed for Step-Mother's Day... would you like something else in bed, Step-Daddy? This is something I've been wanting to do with you for a very long time.... And... I stole something from step-mom to wear today... would you like to see it? Oh, Step-Daddy! I can tell you really like it....Do you like the way I'm touching you, Step-Daddy? I know it's wrong.. but I won't tell anyone. You've just seemed so lonely lately...I just want to give you the best Step-Father's Day ever!


February 26, 2024