Her Brother-In-Law

Lori Lust's husband is pissed that his brother is crashing at their place. No job, no ambition. All he does is lie around the sofa, TV remote in hand. Well, hubby has a job, so off to work he goes. Lori comes in and attempts to console BIL (not that he needs consoling). They agree to work on the "rent thing" they talked about. That "rent thing" turns out to be a trip to the bedroom for some pussy eating and dick workout. After slurping her cooze, he digs in with his fingers and then she gives back by sucking his dick. In true cougar form, she lies back languidly and he lets himself in. A bit of missionary, a bit of doggy, a bit of cowgirl, a bit of reverse cowgirl, and a bit of sideways, and before you know it, brother-in-law pays the rent all over her face!


December 19, 2023