Hiding In Mommy's Dressing Room

I am the gentleman who truly loves glamour vintage clothing styles and the old retro white lingerie of days gone by. I am coming back for my 4th custom movie! Setting: Angel is in her house getting ready to go visit her boyfriend later and tease him silly. Angel knows her boyfriend loves to see her pose, dance and tease him while she wears glamorous, sexy dresses, tops and skirts that show her retro bra, vintage panties, garters and stockings through her clothing. She knows this builds up his anticipation for oral sex and especially his desire for a massive ejaculation on his Angel. After all, what man alive wouldn't want this? Angel has several sets of lingerie and sexy clothing in mind for him… but she is not sure yet which of 3 outfits she will look best in. She plans to try them all on in front of her dressing room mirror to find the best outfit before going out. She wants to please him so much that she will practice her sexiest, naughtiest poses and dances in front of her mirror. Oh what a lascivious sight that would be! Clip buyers… Have ever wanted to see a gorgeous woman doing this? What if you could actually be a voyeur hiding INSIDE her dressing room mirror so you could spy on her? Right in front of her? With your camera? Invading her personal privacy without her knowing you are there? Watching her up close? Imagine what you would do while watching her! Do you want to do this? Duh, of course you do – and in this most unique movie, that's exactly what you do! The Story: You walk by Angel's front door and peak into the keyhole by the doorknob. You see her gathering clothing and lingerie in front of her mirror. Her door is open and you sneak in her house, follow her around and watch her for a while – hiding so she doesn't see you. When she isn't looking, now's your chance! You cleverly enter her mirror (really, you do!) and settle in to watch - with your camera! Here comes Angel up to her mirror, swaying, bouncing, innocent and oblivious that she is being watched. She tries on different bras, panties, tops and skirts – admiring herself, adjusting everything, trying to find the sexiest way to show off her gorgeous body – with hints of her lingerie showing through. Her hands caress her shapely body all over as she gently presses her clothing to her body over her breasts and hips right in front of YOU! She fusses with her hair, puts on her neckband, touches up her eye make-up and lipstick, sprays herself with perfume as she practices seducing her boyfriend. Your heart pounds (along with something else) as you violate her privacy. Oh, how you want to reach out and touch her (and touch yourself)! Angel pretends to talk to her boyfriend with seductive facial expressions -- straight to you! She cups her breasts, arches her back and bends over seductively practicing for her boyfriend. She runs her fingertips along the ridges of her garters, bra-lines and panty seams through her skirts. She even gets down on her hands and knees crawling to and from the mirror – to see how she will look when she does this for him later… and all this while you are in her mirror… helplessly watching… salivating and maybe masturbating! After trying on 3 outfits, she decides the last one is perfect, and she is finally ready to go out. Suddenly… she hears something deep in her mirror… she thinks she sees something in her mirror… something faint… way inside. She discovers you deep in there! She tells you to get out mister! Will you come out? Probably… What will she say? Will she be mad at you? Will she think your clever trick was fantastic? Will she think your male endowment is much bigger than her boyfriends? Will she pose, dance and tease you? Will she do to you what she was planning for her boyfriend? To find out, you have to buy this lasciviously sexy and sensual clip! CUSTOMER'S FEEDBACK: Dear Angel The Dreamgirl Custom Erotic-Art Productions, I am the senior gentleman who actually witnessed voyeuristic retro girlie cheesecake striptease – both on classic 8mm films and in real life. I wanted you to take me back in time to see this this again, and have you two add the hottest erotic situations that didn't exist back then. You two more than did that! I also wanted to include some clever and humorous erotic situations with a mirror. You two more than did that – WAY more! Oh, the 'outstanding' cleverness when coming out of the mirror, the nostalgic time-period accuracy of the throwback vintage clothing, the stunningly perfect make-up and the glamorous knock-out hairdo! You are the new vintage. You two brought this back to me sixty years later. I thank you two far more than any typed words can ever express. Angel..., Hands down..., you are the most beautiful, voluptuously feminine and shapely woman in the whole world, Period. You two create the most salaciously titillating, lasciviously trembling and orgasmic Erotic-Art ever. You challenge my lustfully creative mind to wander deeper into my vintage lingerie fantasies, and combine them with your distinctive erotic-art style. I will be back soon! To those reading this, Angel The Dreamgirl Custom Erotic-Art Productions gave me far more than I wanted. Start writing your own erotic scenario and they will give you far more than you want!


December 21, 2023