Home From Summer Camp

Mona has just gotten back from summer camp and shes really excited to see her step-brother. Hes just been lazing around the house while shes been gone. Hes in the middle of a nap when she bounces in talking of hikes and summer fun. She crawls into bed with him and asks him to rub her feet. Hes still sleepy, but she shoves her feet in his face, teasing him for being so lazy and whining that her feet needs his attention. He finally gives in and starts rubbing her feet. They chat and catch up, and she starts nagging him to find a job since shes been letting him crash at her place and she wants him to contribute. But hes just so lazy and doesnt really feel like getting a job. She keeps shoving her feet in his face, flirting and shoving her butt in his face. She starts to pout because she hasnt had any camp romances this year, and shes jealous that her step-brother has been on so many dates. She decides to show him her tan lines, so she takes off her shirt. He makes it a little weird, and blushes, but she doesnt stop there. She takes off her shorts and pulls down her panties to show him her butt crack. She shoves her ass in his face, telling him to smell it, and he does and starts to tickle her. He starts to lick her and she gets into it. And now she wants a little more. They make a deal, that he can give her some other services for letting him stay at his place. He starts to caress her, and then suck her nipples. His step-sister is so beautiful. She orders him to take out his dick and starts to suck it. She feels so good with her lips tight around his dick. Then she sits on his face and he eats her pussy until he lifts her up and flips her around, so they can 69 while theyre standing. He fucks her hard, all over the bedroom in various positions, releasing all the built up passion theyve had brewing for each other until he cums into her mouth as she throws her head back and sticks out her tongue.


November 23, 2023