I can tell when my boys are lying

⁣Now that my boys are growing up into young men, I would expect them to be exploring their own bodies--it's only natural. However, I wasn't particularly happy when I found my panties on their bathroom floor. It was soaked with someone's cum, and I was going to find out which one of them did it. I approached them as they were sitting on the couch, panties in hand, and they acted like they were surprised. Oh, please. I can tell when my boys are lying. One pretended that he didn't know they were mine, and the other was "shocked" to see I wore sexy panties. Of course, I figured that they would both deny it. That's fine. I was going to figure it out for myself. I striped down to just my bra and panties, hoping to cause a reaction with one of the boys. I sat between them and rubbed their cocks from outside their pants. I couldn't be entirely sure, so I made them take off their pants. They bitched and whined, but I was determined. I knelt down and began stroking both of their cocks. I needed to see which cock was more excited to see me in my underwear. Were they both jerking off with my underwear? Their cocks were stiffening with my touch. They shouldn't be having that reaction unless, of course, they were both guilty. I sucked their cocks one at a time, but still couldn't figure out which boy did it. I told them that they needed to fuck me. If they had nothing to hide, surely they'd show me that they weren't hard for my body. My youngest son seemed confident and volunteered to go first, fucking me doggystyle, while I sucked my other son. After all, he wasn't off the hook. Obviously, somebody was enjoying themselves. Time to switch. My oldest son fucked me hard, so I wasn't sure who the culprit was. I mean, if they came from the same place, then maybe they should fuck me at the same time. Maybe then, I could tell who did it. I got on top of my older son and started riding his cock. My younger one got behind me and fucked me doggystyle. God, it was intense with both of their hard cocks inside of me. I was moaning loudly, and soon, I just wanted their cum. I laid down as my boys jerked their cocks. My oldest son released his cum all over my body, and I got on my knees for the other. He erupted all over my face, and I just smiled. There's nothing like sons to make you feel special, and to make you forget what you were mad about in the first place.

October 16, 2023