I Fucked My Daughter In Her Dorm Room

So on my way home from a long two week work trip I decided to swing by my Daughter’s College and check in on her during the Lockdown. She’s been complaining to her mother and I about how lonely she is and how much she misses us. This is her first year away at school and it has been hard on her with the whole Covid 19 thing. Luckily she goes to a small liberal arts school and they let me visit her without any problems. They just said I had to wear a mask when I came on campus. Well needless to say when I showed up to her dorm room she was super thrilled. Almost to excited. We started talking and she told me how her boyfriend of three years had just broken up with her. She started to open up and tell me that she actually had a crush on me. Then she began grabbing at my crotch. I tried to tell her not to touch me. But then she spread her legs open pushed up her skirt and she wasn't wearing any panties. No, she just started touching her vagina in front of me. I must admit it totally turned me on and within minutes she was sucking my cock. Then she gave me a foot job and finally she begged me to fuck her. Alice used me as a fuck stick then she insisted I shoot my load deep inside her tight wet pussy, which I did and totally loved. Man she’s a freak. I’m really gonna have to visit her more often. She's such a sweet girl.


December 19, 2023