I Fucked My Slutty Step-Daughter In My Drum Room

So I came home from work yesterday and somebody was in my music room playing on my drums. Of course it was my slutty step daughter beating on them and filming a stupid tik tok video. I’ve told her over and over not to touch my drums. But she never listens. Well I screamed at her and told her she wouldn’t be allowed to use her step-mother’s car this weekend as a punishment. Well Kali wasn’t having it, and just laughed at me. She went on to tell me that she always got what she wanted. At first I tried to disagree with her, but when she spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy in front of me I couldn’t control myself. She seduced and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I just hope she doesn’t tell her step-mom what we did. She’s probably gonna blackmail me, but oh well. Her pussy felt so good it was worth it.


December 22, 2023