I Miss You Sam

Rachel and her little brother Michael had always been very close. When her husband Sam passed away and Mike returned from the city to comfort her, the two siblings reached a level of intimacy that was entirely taboo. It all started out innocently enough with Michael hugging his big sis and staying on to do some odd-jobs for her around the house. Then he saw her walking around in a series of sexy outfits (shorts skirts, tight blouses, silky stockings) and began the feel the stirrings of forbidden lust. His feelings intensified one evening when Rachel took a bath and forgot to shut the door. Peaking in on her as she stripped off and unknowingly revealed to him her gorgeous shapely body, Michael could not help rubbing his hardening cock through his pants. Later, during a game of pool, things nearly came to a head. Michael was showing Rachel how to shoot properly. In helping her to assume the correct pose, he stood behind her, nestled very close. By now he had a fresh hardon for his sexy widowed sister. There was nothing he could do about it. As Rachel sensed it pressing hot and hard against her butt, she began to experience a taboo excitement of her own. A brief moment of embarrassment passed between the pair. Then a flustered Rachel said goodnight to her brother and headed to her room. There she lay down on her bed, breathing heavily, battling confusion and guilt. She had never felt so aroused in her life. All of a sudden she lost control, parted her legs, and began to masturbate. Near the end of Rachel's long and erotic finger-fucking of her hot pussy, Michael came in to check on her. Just in time she covered up before he sat down next to her on the bed. The two siblings then began to talk. However, the moment that they hugged, they succumbed to the force of their passion. In an instant they were french-kissing - their hands eagerly exploring each other's bodies. Soon Rachel had stripped down to just her bra, stockings, garters and heels. For a long time Michael played with her pussy, making his sister gasp in ecstasy as he worked his fingers inside of her. Then came the taboo fucking. Knelt between his sister's lithe legs, Michael fucked away, thrilling her - filling her with his cock again and again. This intense action ended with him cumming all over her pussy and stomach. Afterwards, there was no guilt between the siblings. Theirs had been the ultimate bonding: a unique fusion of love and lust. Rachel's grief at the loss of her husband had eased. Thanks to her little brother she would not suffer as a lonely widow. His would take care of her. Especially in bed


November 23, 2023