I Will Be NIce To Step-Daddy

Step-Daddy sits down and starts to talk to his Step-Daughter. She immediately stands up and starts yelling at him "You are ruining my life!" She storms out and Step-Dad sits there with a confused look on his face. This was happening more and more lately. Ever since he told her she couldn't redecorate her room the way she wanted to. Cindy comes back in and sits down next to her mean Step-Daddy. She tells him that Step-Mom says if she is nice to her Step-Daddy he might let her do what she wants to her room. Step-Daddy agrees that if she tries to be nicer then he might consider letting her do some things to her new room. Cindy tells Step-Daddy she can be nice, very nice! She starts to play with her phone and opens her legs to let Step-Daddy see her cute panties. Step-Daddy tries not to look but can't help himself. Just then Step-Mom comes in and asks him if he going to take out the garbage. When she leaves his little girl moves her panties aside to show Step-Daddy her pretty pink pussy. He asks Cindy not to do such things and she yells at him again! "I am being nice! Do you want me to start being a bitch again??" Step-Daddy tells her not to yell and yes he likes it better when she is nice to him. She stands and takes off her pretty panties and drops them in his lap. Step-Mom comes in as Step-Dad fumbles to hide his daughters undies! Step-Mom leaves and she asks Step-Daddy if he wants to touch her little girl pussy. Step-Daddy reluctantly does. She helps his hand play with her little clitty. She starts to moan loudly and Step-Dad tells her to be quiet so Step-Mom doesn't here them. Cindy tells Step-Daddy the best way to make her quiet is to shove his big cock in her tiny mouth! In then end Step-Daddy cums all over his little girls pussy!


December 4, 2023