I'll Be Your Little Private Sperm Collector

Step-Daughter takes her Step-Daddy's sperm so her Step-Mom can't get pregnant! I heard you and my step-mom talking last night and I'm quite upset about the discussion you two were having. Why on earth would she want another baby, at her age? Plus you two are barely married only a year so why would she want to burden you with a unless it's to trap you. I can tell you aren't happy with her. This is where I come in as the caring step-daughter. I did some research and found out that it will be really hard for you to impregnate my step-mom if you have a low sperm count. You are younger than her so you probably have super sperm in you still. See, I can help you get rid of those super sperm without us even having sex and she will never know why she isn't getting pregnant. You have to understand that I want to be the only princess in this house. If you give me your sperm instead of my step-mom, this guarantees I stay the only princess and you get to keep you penis happy and without added responsibility. It helps that I've always had a crush on you step-daddy. I know you have those kind of feelings for me to. I see the way you look at me in my little skirts I wear. It's ok, this will be our secret from step-mom. I like having this part of you all to myself. I'll be your little private sperm collector. I like how manly you are. Older men are so sexy. It makes me feel extra special to help you this way because I know you don't want to make a baby with my step-mom. You just relax on my bed and let me do all the work for you step-daddy. To give you some ejaculation encouragement I'll get naked for you to. I'm sure you would rather look at my tight young puffy pussy instead of my step-mom's old dried up prune looking vagina. Isn't this fun step-daddy? Does this make me a bad girl because I'm stealing your cum so my step-mom can't have it? I don't care. I want you to think of my hands on your cock next time you're fucking her. You like having a private princess to take care of your penis don't you? Oh, I see pre cum already! You must really like your little girls hands around your step-daddy dick. I can feel your cum building up inside your balls and your cock getting harder. Come on step-daddy, give me all your baby batter. You have to give it all to me so step-mom can't have any later tonight. Anytime you need to give me your super sperm you come in my room and I will take care of you. I like having this secret with you. Now I will always be your princess.


December 8, 2023