Immoral Step-Mommy: Step-Son Uses Mind Control Device On Step-Mother

Step-Mom had some things she needed to discuss with you. While you were at school, she had went onto your computer and found some disturbing websites that you forgot to close out of. "I wanted to make sure you weren't looking at anything wrong or bad," she explained, "I can't have that, I need to raise a good step-son." It was lewd porn, but more specifically, it was videos with mothers and sons doing inappropriate and sexual things together. "I can't approve of it," she said strictly, "I'm gonna have to ground you and take your computer away." She wasn't sure if she should take you to see a therapist or send you off to a boarding school. "What makes you attracted to moms?" she asked with a disgusted look on her face. "I hope you're not attracted to me or have dirty, disgusting thoughts about doing things with me. It's wrong and immoral." As she continued her lecture, you pulled out a brainwashing device and started to use it on her. Its vibrations, sounds, and spirals took over her mind, making it hard to think, and her thoughts and sentences spaced out and slowed down. Her eyes began to flutter and roll, and when the device had completely taken over her, you snapped your fingers. She was now a different person. "You've been such a good step-son," she said seductively, her hands caressing her mature body, "and I just want to please you and make you happy. I want to make sure your cock is happy, and I want to do everything that feels good for you." "Mommies love to fuck their sons," she unraveled her silky robe. "I want to be the best step-mommy ever - isn't that what Mommies are for?" She invited you to lick and suck her perky tits, then asked you to remove your pants so she could suck your cock. "You can tell me to do anything," she said. "I'll cook and clean and fuck you any time of the day."


February 8, 2024