In Exchange For Ass I Cover My Step-Sisters Ass

I got payback for my step-sister getting me kicked out a while back, and we've been getting along ok. Except she barely ever wants to put out. She blew me once for covering for her when she fucked up but hasn't thanked me since then so I decide to show her how much trouble I keep her out of. My step-sister Aria became such a bitch to me for dating a friend of hers. I think she was jealous because she used to say a lot of things that seemed like she wanted us to act like, well, I think she wanted to fuck. But when I hooked up with a girl she hangs out with she set me up up and got me kicked out of the house. But parents are forgiving and now that I'm home, I get to pay her back, and give her what I think she wanted in the first place.


February 23, 2024