Indecent Proposal II : Older Woman/Younger Man

You enter my bedroom and you thank me for keeping quiet about whathappened the previous month. You tell me that you and your husband arestill having trouble with your mortgage payment and that you talked to myfather about making another deal. He refused saying that was a one timeoffer. He did tell you that I have a lot of money in my savings account andthat you could try make a deal with me. So you seduce me. You tell me howyou made me cum three times before but this time you can make me cum evenmore. You tell me that with a body like yours you can make a like mecum as many times as you want. You tell me how important it is for you toget this money. You ask me to give you $500 for every time you make me cuminside of you. I agree. You're grateful and you come real close to thecamera, act like your kissing me and in a soft and sexy voice you tell mehow good you're gonna make me feel. You start riding me. Mandy. Dirtytalk can be about: * Emphasize our age difference. I'm a young tee*ager,you're twice my age. You had never fucked someone my age before, even whenyou were my age. * Fucking a married woman turns me on. * Compliment me onhow quick I can get hard again. Your husband can only get it up once a day.* How jealous all my friends would be if they knew you were fucking me. *How getting fucked by a sexy woman like you without a condom will ruin theexperience of tee*age sex with a condom. Feel free to add anything else thatyou think would fit this scenario.


February 23, 2024